The Twelve Donks of Donksmas

by Foxdye

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    Just in time for the poolidays!

    Now you and your family can experience waking up on Donksmas day to the overpowering scent of Vicks vapor rub, and to what other sound than that of Foxy Claus, stumbling drunkenly through your house at 5 in the morning!

    Oh hark honey, call the cops, this can only mean one thing! Donksmas is here! And what a better gift to throw away immediately than a stale, brown-label donkplate, right under your beloved Donksmas tree!

    That's correct rave doodlers! Get ready to cry your way through this holiday poo-banger! Can I get a re-whine-d? Pull it off the shelf my selector! The only thing roasting over an open fire this holiday will be your hard-drive to ensure these shit-jinglers will never caress your eardrums again!

    Made thoughtlessly in less than 15-minutes, just like a real holiday gift! Leave the price tag of $0.00 for that extra hint of tackiness! Be amazed at how low art can go, by these masterfully crafted copy-and-paste double-dribblers! Be in awe of how much spyware I managed to load this baby up with! You may find yourself asking "how could this have taken so long to make?" Well dude, that's for me to know and for you to be left unresolved about! Forever! Hohoho lol ect!

    This holiday baby goes from "zero" to "I-don't-care-if-it's-free-it-still-sucks" in 0.5 seconds! Guaranteed! Or I'll give you a second copy for free! You can't delete them all so you might as well give up now! Give it to your spouse! Your sister! Your cat! Goa Gil(! Please seriously mail it to Goa Gil(! Mail it to Mike Paradinas and tell him the Donksmas scene is blowing up in Portland(! Nothing gets you in the holiday cheer more than getting sued for harassment!

    Santa is crying! You'd rather hear mediocre dubstep! Order your copy today! I am is are good artist! Happy Donkadays!
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released December 25, 2010



all rights reserved


Phoxii / Foxdye Portland, Oregon

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